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downloadHello everyone! I’m awesome. Because I’m kind,cool,and handsome.  My weight is 45 kg and I am 165 cm tall. It’s because I eat a lot but I exercise  a lot. I really  love sports. My dream is to become a middle school p.e teacher. I’ll help the kids that are having a hard time and I will help the kids to get a wonderful dream. When I’m about 28 I will marry a girl I like. In school I have a girl that I like. I will tell you about my family. First I have a 11 grade  sister. My sister likes sports just like me. I have a brother that went to the university. He went to a good university and now he’s having a great time. My mom and dad is so nice. They know  what are good or bad to us. My father is intelligence and my mother is a good cook. This is my fantastic family.

Now I will tell where I traveled. I have traveled to a lot of places. After one year when I was born I went  to India. Eating curry was my career. I don’t remember what happened when I lived in India because I was young. After living in India for 4 years I went to America. I lived in California. In my memory California had the best weather. I had a lot of friends even though I was not good at English. But my English got better because of good friends. I ate good and played good. Everyday was a wonderful day to me. 4 years later I went to live in Vietnam. I am spending a great time in Hanoi. When I was living here I also had many trips. Going to Bangkok, Nha Trang,and a visit to Korea. I had many flights and wherever I went to I had a fun travel.


My favorite things to do are eating, creating, and playing sports. Playing sports with my friends makes me really happy. I like almost all the sports but my favorite sports are soccer, basketball, and table tennis. I am also good at sports. I play sports almost everyday and I exercise in my house. People say that I am thin, but that is right. Even though I’m thin I like to eat. I also ate chicken yesterday. I like all the foods except the vegetables and beans. When I become an adult I will learn how to cook and I will always eat. My hobby is building and creating with pieces. I am not good at art but I like creating. I created many things with the lego and other creating things. Puzzle is also my hobby. I am good and fast to complete a puzzle. The puzzles that I do are not like 100 pieces, there are 500 and 1000 pieces.

I was gonna write about me a little bit more but I am out of space and I need a long rest. So this is about me and now I want to know about you. download (3)